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Centre for English Teaching

Our English language courses and academic skills programs will help prepare you for university

Our unique learning model (classroom, online, co-curricular engagement), highly qualified teaching staff, academic and well-being support services all assist you on the path to success.


Our Direct Entry Course (DEC) is an English language program that prepares you for direct admission to your chosen course at Sydney University.

To be eligible to apply, you need to have obtained a conditional offer of admission to the University and an IELTS result (or equivalent).

As a Direct Entry Course student, you’ll gain key learning skills required for university life, such as participating in tutorials and seminars, essay writing, researching and preparing assignments.

You will study alongside students enrolled in similar courses, completing group work and additional independent study outside of class hours.

Courses run for 5 to 36 teaching weeks, depending on your current level of English language skills and the level required for your degree.


Our graduate programs are designed to improve your academic and professional skills through a short period of intensive study.

These courses are open to all prospective international students with a firm offer from the university, and a minimum IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent.

  • Graduate Academic Skills (GAS)
    A high level 5-week academic skills course that provides an introduction to the expectations and values of academic culture in an Australian university.
  • Advanced Skills for Academic Success (ASAS)
    An intensive 4-week advanced academic skills course for international scholars sponsored by the Australian government.
  • Teaching English Internationally
    Introduces key concepts in the field of teaching English and covers such topics as innovative teaching methods, flipped classroom strategies, approaches to integrated skills teaching and lesson planning, and then builds on these concepts and integrates additional practical teaching into the course.


One-to-one language coaching is open to anyone looking to enhance their English skills.

After an initial consultation, we pair you with an experienced ESL teacher. To help you reach your academic goals, we carefully analyse your needs and customise your learning plan.

One-to-one programs are available in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions.


If you have not yet completed an English language test, we offer an Intensive Test Preparation course that can be tailored to help you prepare for a specific language exam, such as IELTS.

Intensive Test Preparation gives you confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing. We provide extra support for the areas you may find difficult.

The course runs for up to 50 weeks, and is open to anyone. However, if your IELTS is currently below 4.5, we will place you in a Global English course first.


The unique 2 to 50 week Global English course aims to build skills and confidence for social and professional communication. Learn essential employability skills, build global connections, and acquire digital literacy skills through communicative, task-based and mobile learning opportunities

OET Test Preparation is a preparation course for students intending to undertake the Occupational English Test (OET), an English language test for healthcare professionals.


  • Level 5, Wentworth Building, Corner of Butlin Avenue and City Road, Darlington Campus

Opening hours

8.30am to 4.30pm

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